Part of the PARK FAST solution is also hardware which ensures fast and secure check-in of parking customers, so that they can only use their credit cards for identification upon entry and exit as well as paying the parking fees.



This unattended payment terminal is the ideal solution for entry and exit parking meters where the paid amounts do not exceed 20 EUR. It is supplied with two communication interfaces – GPRS, Bluetooth and Ethernet module – or just Ethernet module. This way the terminal can meet the expectations of the most-demanding customers as well.

IUC180B payment terminal is appreciated for its compact size and intuitive controlling. The customer sees the amount to be paid on the display, and pays the amount simply by presenting their card to the contactless reader area. The display is lit while the amount is displayed.


  • Most widely used unattended terminals in the Czech Republic
  • Acceptance of payments up to 20 EUR and without the need for verification
  • Robust design and protection against water
  • Contactless and NFC payments acceptance (Google Pay or Apple Pay)
  • Connection using TCP/IP or RS-232
  • High level of security thanks to PCI PTS
  • Flexible connection and connectivity
  • Connection using Ethernet, GPRS or Bluetooth
ingenico bezkontaktní platební terminál


INGENICO iUP250, iUR250, iUC150B

This set of payment terminals is suitable for the cases when the parking lot operator expects the fees to exceed 20 EUR. The set consists of several modules (iUP250, iUR250 and iUC150B), allowing both contact and contactless payments with the possibility of PIN verification. The set can be used for exit parking meters and automatic cash-desk systems.


  • Possibility of accepting all the types of credit and fleet cards
  • Acceptance of payments over 20 EUR with the possibility of PIN verification using a PIN Pad
  • Robust design and protection against water
  • Connection using TCP/IP or RS-232
  • High level of security thanks to PCI PTS
  • Wide range of ways to connect to the authorization host via Ethernet or GSM/GPRS, and to the control system via Ethernet, serial line or Bluetooth​
ingenico bezkontaktni platebni terminaly


Based on your inquiry, we will prepare an offer of the optimal technical solution of parking system integration, including pricing.


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